"Where are all my friends"?

This one is using driftwood and seaweed as a camouflage. Exactly the right color.

An old fence post at quiet morning.

First eider duck egg of the year 2020

The flags are supposed to scare foxes and seagulls away from the eider duck nesting area.

Even though the the water is partly frozen the Swans come to their home pond.

Misty day at the nesting area. 

Crowded at the nesting area. 

The birds are coming fast these days.

Big driftwood log used to break the wind. First residents just arrived into new area.

Eider coming to the nesting area.

Driftwood and stones at the beach shaped by sand and sea.

New day is coming in Iceland at 4 o'clock at night.

Cold morning at the nesting area.

Seashells and seaweed at rocky beach.