Arctic Tern flights from South Africa or Antarctica to Iceland every year to make a simple nest and hatch their eggs. The flight is about 35.000 km and takes about two months.

This picture were taken when the duck went away for a quick swim.

The birds are coming fast these days.

Sun is shining to the top of the mountain at the other side of Vopnafjordur.

Sunshine today. The weather have been better for the last days and the birds are coming to the nesting area in flocks.

There are not all eggs as big as eider duck eggs. 

Drift wood at the shore. Still raining in Iceland.

Getting dark in Iceland.

N-E wind and rough sea. Must be a hard life to be a eider duck who spend most of their live on the sea.

After a sunny day clouds are coming. The weather forecast is not good for the next days.

Today we found the first two eider ducks nest of the year. Both of them had two eggs. There is more to come.

Sunrise at the nesting area.

Nice summer day in Vopnafjordur.

Seashells, driftwood, seaweed and other things on the shore.

Flags at the nesting area.

Helgi at walk. The spring is just behind the corner

Early morning at the nesting area.

Getting dark in Iceland

Still snowing a little

A flock of eider ducks on the sea in Vopnafjordur

Cold day in Vopnafjordur