Main location: Ytri Nypur, 690 Vopnafjordur (at the northeast coast of Iceland) and also

Borgarholtsbraut 41, 200 Kopavogur (in Reykjavík)

Silk eiderdown duvets and pillows.


New silk eiderdown duvet for sale on eBay.

Eiderdown is the rarest and lightest insulation material of natural origin in the world. Sleeping with an eiderdown duvet is a warm, light and cozy experience. Eider down holds a significant volume of air, thus making it very light with great insulation.

Eiderdown has small, unique, hook-like threads that lock it together, providing the insulation’s air pockets.

Every spring the eider birds gather in small islands in the mouth of the River Sela in Vopnafjordur for nesting. There are the bird protected with some shelters and we give them privacy to lay their eggs.

All our eiderdown is carefully cleaned and inspector assesses quality of the eiderdown. There for all our eiderdown products are first qualities. Our young company has already got this feedback from eBay buyers.  „ Alda and Helgi were great. Patient/communicative, their products are world class.”  This seller has greatly exceeded my expectations and has delivered on all fronts.“ Magnificent Eiderdown quilt. Don't be put by low feedback. Superb."

Sleeping under an Icelandic eiderdown duvet is just like sleeping under a warm cloud.

G. Alda Sigurdardottir & Helgi Thorsteinsson, ICELAND

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Alda & Helgi

Helgi Thorsteinsson

Ytra-Nýpi, 690 Vopnafjordur, Iceland

also Borgarholtsbraut 41, 200 Kopavogur, Iceland